Master IT Security (M.Sc.)

Distance learning program

Improve your career opportunities and invest in your future parallel to your job. Study at one of the most renowned universities in the field of IT security in Europe, the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB).
isits AG, together with Ruhr-Universität Bochum, is offering the extra-occupational distance learning study program “Applied IT Security” (M.Sc.).
Improve your career opportunities parallel to your job

Advance your career parallel to your job

IT security experts are in demand. With our study program, you lay a high-quality foundation for success in the growing field of IT and information security. With the master’s degree you gain a globally recognized attestation of your specialist competence!

Benefit from current well-founded expertise

Benefit from current well-founded expertise

isits AG has partnered with the Horst Görtz Institute for IT Security (HGI), which is the research department of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum and one of the largest and most renowned university IT security research institutions in Europe with over 200 academics belonging to the institute.

Location-independent and flexible further training

Flexibility of the highest order

From the very start, you can apply current and informed specialist knowledge from the remote study course to your daily work. One major advantage of our remote study program is its flexibility since you can decide for yourself when and where you want to learn.

IT security experts are in demand!

The demand by companies and institutions for qualified experts in IT security is continuously increasing. A distance learning study program will significantly improve your career opportunities. Invest in your personal future now!

  • Acquire up-to-date and in-depth specialist knowledge that you can integrate directly in your daily work.
  • Benefit from the flexibility of a remote study program and manage your schedule independently.
  • Invest in your further professional development and improve your career opportunities in IT security.
  • Develop a new specialist network consisting of fellow students, professors and business representatives from the IT security environment.
  • Gain a qualification that entitles you to do a PhD and allows you to bear the title „engineer“.
  • Boost your company reputation with an academic degree that is recognized worldwide.
Quality and flexibility at the highest

A master’s degree with qualification for doctoral studies

Your degree is a worldwide-recognized verification of your professional competence! After successfully completing the distance learning study program, Ruhr-Universität Bochum grants you the academic degree “Master of Science”, which qualifies you for doctoral studies and allows you to bear the title “engineer”. Government employees directly enter the higher grade of public service after completing the master’s degree.

Qualified further training by experts

The teaching staff for distance learning consists of renowned and internationally recognized lecturers from science and business. Subject modules are personally supervised by experts or in cooperation with a tutor. Competent professional support is guaranteed throughout your entire study time. At the start of your studies, you will also be supported by a student mentor from a higher semester.

Learn when and where you want – even abroad

The modularly structured distance learning study program „Applied IT Security“ (M.Sc.) of isits AG is highly flexible due to our online learning platform and various testing locations. You can decide for yourself when and where you want to learn. You can also temporarily interrupt your studies without additional financial burden if your professional or private situation demands this.

Personal consultation and support during your studies

Throughout your entire studies, the Study Office of isits AG remains your contact partner and support for all matters related to the distance learning study program and thereby ensures that you can focus on your studies. We handle all issues associated with Ruhr-Universität Bochum, such as the admission examination by the Examination Office.

Feedback unserer Absolventen

“Challenging, varied, interesting and definitely worthwhile.”

“The perfect introduction to the world of IT security.”

“An excellent course of study to build, deepen and apply competencies in the field of IT security.”

Study program

Study program contents:
Compulsory (75 Credit Points)

  • Introduction to Cryptography
  • Discrete Mathematics for IT Security
  • Computer Science for IT Security
  • Information Technology for IT Security
  • Network Security
  • Security Protocols
  • Cryptography
  • Security Management

Study program contents:
Elective (20 Credit Points)

  • Current Topics in IT Security
  • Group-Oriented Communication and Application Security
  • Human Aspects of Cryptography Adoption and Use
  • Implementation of Cryptographic Schemes
  • Information Security Management in Practice
  • Mobile Security
  • Program Analysis
  • Protecting Against Malware in Enterprises
  • Systems Security
Overview of the distance learning study program

Start of the study program: Students can commence their studies either on April 15 (summer semester) or October 15 (winter semester).

Study duration: The standard study period is 6 semesters. Foreign study semesters, interruptions as well as shortening or extending the study time are all viable options.

Tuition fees: Tuition fees are based on the credit points of booked modules. Students only pay for the courses they attend during each semester. The total cost for the distance learning study program amounts to EUR 17,275 plus 19% VAT, payable per semester (payment by installments is possible).

Degree: Upon completion, you will receive the title “Master of Science in Applied IT Security”. The academic degree, awarded by Ruhr-Universität Bochum qualifies students to pursue doctoral studies and bear the title “engineer”.

Your student status: You are enrolled at isits AG and also receive the guest student status at RUB. You also receive an email address from the university and can benefit from the offers that Ruhr-Universität Bochum provides for students.

Admission requirements: The minimum requirement for admission to the extra-occupational distance learning study program consists in completing a six-semester bachelor, master or diploma study program in one of the following disciplines: Electrical Engineering, Informatics, Mathematics, Physics, Business Information Systems or Industrial Engineering.

Examination dates: Two examination blocks are offered per semester so that you can flexibly plan your examinations.

Examination locations: We offer multiple examination locations in Germany (e.g. currently in Bochum, Munich and Berlin). We also cooperate with German institutes abroad such as the Goethe-Institut.

Support: Lecturers and tutors provide subject-specific support while the isits Study Office offers organizational support.

Accreditation: The study program “Applied IT Security” (M.Sc.) is accredited since 2006. The most recent re-accreditation occurred in September of 2019 by the Accreditation Council, which is the central institution for quality assurance of study programs.

Tip: Just ask! Companies support further professional development of their employees by offering a leave of absence or financial assistance. Tuition fees, examination fees, specialist literature and work materials may also be claimed as professional expenses when filing your taxes.

Our information brochure for distance learning

We have compiled a detailed information brochure for you. All important information for the distance learning study program IT Security, including a complete module overview is available here. Get your compact summary in a practical PDF via e-mail.

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Alternatives to the master’s degree

Distance learning study program CAISP Certificate

isits AG and the Ruhr-Universität Bochum also offer a certification study program with the degree “Certified Applied IT Security Professional” (CAISP). The study contents and study organization of the CAISP distance learning study program are identical with those of the master study program – with the exception of the master thesis.

  • No preliminary studies required
  • Focus on subject-specific interests

Online courses with certificates

Individual study program modules can be completed as online courses. A university certificate from the Ruhr-Universität Bochum is awarded per module.

  • Simple and flexible registration for individual modules depending on interest and demand
  • Switching to the study program is possible at any time as modules are transferable
This is what our graduates say

“Before I was halfway through my studies, I was already advancing professionally. The distance learning study program not only conveys specialist knowledge, but also exemplifies discipline and organizational skills. My employers appreciated these attributes and supported my extra-occupational further training. I never regretted my decision for isits.”

Markus Steinkamp
IT Security Manager

“Studying IT security is a MUST for anyone with an affinity for technical and scientific IT topics. From the first to the last module, the provided support was always excellent. Staff and professors responded quickly and accurately to my questions so that I was able to understand and consolidate the material.”

Aykan Dominik Inan
Academic employee at University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg-Weingarten

“The study program is demanding, but the team is extremely helpful and always listened to my concerns. Extra-occupational studies demand flexibility from both sides. The educational material is extremely well-structured as students comprehensively learn about the technology behind IT security in a detailed manner, which eventually allowed me to professionally advance from an IT forensic scientist to a cryptologist.”

Björn Schemberger
IT Forensic Scientist/Cryptologist

Teaming up for your success!

The study program "Applied IT Security" (M.Sc.) was jointly developed together with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the RUB. Also on board: the Horst Görtz Institute for IT Security (HGI), the research department of the RUB and the largest and most renowned university IT security research institution in Europe with extensive academic and industrial networks. The HGI aims to keep one step ahead of cybercriminals and is setting standards for world-class research that combines an interdisciplinary approach with knowledge transfer for practical applications. It is the sole research institution in the field of IT security to have been awarded three grants from the European Research Council (ERC Grants).

The isits AG International School of IT Security has close ties with the IT security industry since 2001 and, as a founding member of eurobits e.V., maintains contacts with companies, institutions and renowned lecturers. Our students profit from these relationships, whether in the context of practically oriented classes or personal expansion of their networks. The IT security portfolio of isits includes recognized and certified trainings, practice-oriented workshops and online courses for the qualification of specialists and executives in the area of IT and information security. The extra-occupational master study program “Applied IT Security” (M.Sc.) as well as specialist conferences known beyond Europe complete the further training concept.

Do you have questions?

Are you interested in the distance learning study program IT Security? Would you like to receive advice or do you have further questions? Please get in touch with our academic advisors Andrea Nahrwold and Lisa Winkelkötter. Whether online, over the phone or directly on-site – our Study Office will take care of your concerns.

Andrea Nahrwold
Manager Academic Programs
nahrwold@is-its.orgTel +49 234 927 898-13

Christopher Zaers
Consultant Academic Programs
zaers@is-its.orgTel +49 234 927 898-14